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    Boy Butter Gold

    Boy Butter Gold Boy Butter Gold Boy Butter Gold

    Category: Lubricants
    Code: 1040-290

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    Boy Butter Personal Lubricant Gold Label, The 10th Anniversary Edition. Millions served since 2003. Boy Butter Personal Lubricant is a revolutionary, water-soluble, super-slick, smooth and creamy vegetable oils and silicone blended lubricant. Boy Butter Gold Label, 10th Anniversary Edition in a shiny and beautiful gold metallic label with the classic original coconut oil based formula first created in 2003 but in a gorgeous collectors item look in a 16 ounces tub. Not only is this product in a gorgeous gilded metallic label but it is the first lubricant in history to have a specific environmental mission, to plant trees and forests using proceeds from its sale. Fusing Boy Butter gold with a specifically green message and mission is unique and historic and hopefully will spawn other manufacturers to do the same. Climate change is an important issue and Boy Butter wants to do its part in replenishing Earth's forests and clean up the air, fight global warming, while heating things up in the bedroom. Tub features a green leaf. In addition to the label's opulence is that a portion of proceeds of Boy Butter Gold Label goes to global reforestation projects worldwide, so it is just as green as it is gold.

    Brand: Boy Butter Lubes

    Price:  $33.95

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